“We don’t grow older, we grow riper” Pablo Picasso

- Poor production values which includes sub-par acting, bad lighting, insulting writing, and the use of inappropriate stereotypes in messaging and casting. - Lack of memorable and entertaining creative ideas - Lack of an emotional connection with consumers—too often their reaction is “this brand doesn’t get me!” - Poor marriage of the creative with the media. Media can be just as alienating and insulting as the creative it delivers. • Silver has a more efficient and cost effective business model. The agency’s small and experienced staff will enable it to get to better solutions faster. Overhead is reduced by not having junior creatives who are “cutting their teeth” on a client’s business. In terms of strategy, messaging, brand personality and tonality, Silver is much more likely to get it right the first time. • Silver Advertising will bring more enthusiasm and passion to projects aimed at seniors. The agency’s sense of accomplishment will result from getting sales results for its clients instead of winning awards or impressing a hip and younger peer group. • Brad Ball & Brian Morris believe in consumer research. After all, they have a focus group every morning when they look in to a mirror!